Kitchen Cabinet Installation—Impactful Measures For A Streamlined Renovation

After having the same kitchen for decades, you may decide it's time for a change. You can complete quite a few renovations today, but adding new kitchen cabinets is one of the more significant upgrades. So that kitchen cabinet installation goes according to plan, review a couple of tactics. 

Inspect the Cabinets Thoroughly 

Once your new cabinets arrive at your home, inspect them thoroughly before putting them together and securing them to the walls in the kitchen. Flawless cabinets make installation much easier overall. 

When you're ready, examine each piece individually, looking for defects, damage, and warping. If every section is perfect, proceed to installation without delay. If a section has damage or a defect, send it back to the manufacturer and have them replace it. You won't pay any money to do so. 

Track Down Studs

After a thorough inspection, ensuring all cabinet materials are perfect, you're ready to mount the cabinets against the wall. To do so securely, you must track down the wall studs. They're part of a structural framework that keeps your cabinets from falling. 

Locating these studs is relatively easy. The best thing you can do is get a stud finder. As you move it horizontally across the walls in your kitchen, the finder lights up once it finds a stud. Mark it and now you know where to secure fasteners. 

Remove Cabinet Doors

Now that you've found studs to anchor new cabinets to in the kitchen, you're ready for mounting. You won't expend as much energy or hurt yourself if you remove the doors on each cabinet. Door removal makes the cabinets much lighter and easier to lift.

You can successfully remove cabinet doors using simple tools like a screwdriver or drill. Find a fastening tool you prefer and remove the screws holding the doors in place. Set the doors aside and now you can lift each cabinet into place without straining yourself. 

Install Top Cabinets First 

In addition to removing cabinet doors before mounting new kitchen cabinets, focus on installing the top cabinets first. When you do, you won't work over the bottom cabinets and potentially damage them.

Additionally, installing the top cabinets first helps ensure you achieve the proper spacing. Just be sure to mount and secure the top cabinets with help from others to avoid injury. 

A great way to transform any kitchen is to add new cabinets. New cabinet installation can bring you happiness for years if you remain cognizant of proven strategies that have worked for many homeowners. 

Contact a local cabinet installation service, such as Kitchen & Flooring Depot, to learn more.