Choices To Make When You Shop For Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a stylish flooring option that is known for its gentle feeling underfoot. It's a smart choice in many different rooms throughout your home, including common areas such as your kitchen. If you're interested in putting cork flooring in one or more places throughout your residence, visit a flooring store that carries a number of different cork products. These products can vary a little in appearance, and you'll enjoy evaluating your options and making some choices to ensure the cork you choose is the best fit for your home. Here are three choices to make when you shop for cork flooring.


Cork flooring has a natural brown color, but the exact shade of the brown can vary a lot. Some cork flooring products are quite dark while others can be very light. Many others are various shades of brown and tan. You'll want to think about where you'll be using this type of flooring, as doing so will help you know what shade of brown will be best. If the area is small, such as a bathroom, you might feel that a lighter shade of cork will do a better job of appearing spacious than a darker shade.


One of the defining visual traits of cork flooring is that it has a speckled look. This look gives it visual appeal and can make it look more interesting than certain other types of flooring. As you look at various cork flooring products, you'll see that the level of speckling can vary from product to product. In some products, the speckling is sparse and fairly subtle. In others, it's very pronounced. Give some thought to what look you feel might best work in your home. If you want the floor to have a lively look, a heavily speckled cork product will be optimal.


Another thing that can vary between cork flooring products is the level of sheen that is visible on the surface. Some cork products have a glossy look, which makes them appear bright and shiny. Others have more of a satin sheen, which doesn't reflect light in the same way as a glossy sheen. If you're planning to use cork flooring in a room that gets a lot of natural light, you might feel that a glossy sheen will look best. In a darker area, you might favor less of a sheen. Keep these choices in mind as you shop for cork flooring.

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