5 Clever Ways To Add A Pantry To Your Challenging Kitchen

The food pantry is one of the most important components of any kitchen. However, not all kitchens are roomy enough or have the right configuration to allow a spacious full pantry. How can you find unexpected space within your limited kitchen? Here are a few pantry solutions that might work in your home. 

1. Wall-to-Wall Pantry

Is there a windowless wall in your kitchen? Then you may be able to repurpose it to house a shallow but long pantry. Shelves don't need to go very deep, and you could even use the space between studs. The pantry can be as wide as you have wall space. Most homeowners enclose a wall-to-wall pantry with sliding or barn doors, but you can also leave it open. 

2. Nearby Nook Pantry

Look around the fringes of your kitchen to find room for a pantry that's close to — but not actually inside — the kitchen. This could be a space underneath the stairs, a nearby closet, part of the mudroom, or anywhere else you can space. Include room for a mobile cart to reduce trips back and forth. 

3. Bat-Wing Pantry

Bat-wing style pantries operate much like popular French door refrigerators. Their two doors open away from each other to reveal a reach-in pantry. However, this style maximizes space and organization by including shelves on the doors' interiors. The narrower (but more extensive) shelving prevents items from being lost in the back, and the bat-wing style is easy to include just about anywhere. 

4. Stand-Alone Pantry

Your pantry doesn't have to be a built-in feature. Stand-alone pantries can be made in any style of cabinet with any look and features you want. They can be as large or as small as you have room for. If you opt for a vintage armoire, for example, you not only add plenty of vertical room for more storage but it does double duty as a fantastic decorative element. You can even use more than one. 

5. Slide-Out Pantry

Finally, there are clever ways to hide pantries where they are least expected. Even a few inches between the refrigerator and the wall, for instance, could house a set of tall, narrow slide-out shelves. Place these slide-out pantries wherever you can fit them, and they will add up to significant storage space for your food. 

Where to Find More Ideas

Want help figuring out a way to add a pantry (or pantries) to your kitchen? Meet with a professional kitchen remodeling service in your area today. With these ideas and their expertise, you'll soon have the best solution for any challenging space.  

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