How To Perfectly Time Your Kitchen Renovation Plans

Kitchen remodeling services can be disruptive, and people often try to time their renovation plans to minimize the pain. If you're inclined to figure out when is the best time to start, here are four criteria so you can do it as perfectly as possible. 

Physical Condition of the Kitchen

The physical state of the kitchen is the most important factor in timing a remodel. Depending on how bad some things are, the perfect time may be right now. Suppose your kitchen has a heavy stone countertop on top of an island. The wood inside the island is starting to deteriorate. Nothing good is going to come from allowing a heavy structure to deteriorate in the name of timing. Schedule kitchen renovation services as soon as possible if there are structural issues.

Apply similar logic to functional problems. If the plumbing system connected to an in-counter washing machine is failing, there's no point in just addressing that problem. Remodeling at a later date amounts to creating two projects instead of one.

Your Schedule

A homeowner's schedule also matters in terms of timing. If there's nothing extremely pressing for your remodel, you might want to schedule kitchen renovation services for your next vacation. You can give the head contractor the key and let them work while you're elsewhere. Especially if you're planning a full teardown of the kitchen, this is a good way to minimize the pain. You can luxuriate, and the contractors don't have to work around a family in the house.

The Design's Age

Barring an extremely forward-thinking design, a kitchen's age almost always determines how dated its design is. A kitchen that has gone with a remodel for 40 years is going to need one a lot sooner. On the other hand, a still-functional kitchen that was renovated less than 10 years ago could probably hold up for a while.

Notably, a small remodel could still make a difference even if the design is holding up. You might want to reface the cabinets to address wear and tear or to bring them in line with your tastes. Just because you won't be stripping the kitchen down to the pipes doesn't mean you can't renovate.


Balancing money, financing, and remodeling plans is never simple. Especially if you're excited about a couple of big ideas for a full remodel, you may delay your plan a bit to accumulate some funds to do your dream kitchen. As long as there aren't immediate needs, a small delay to line up a better down payment and more financing could allow you to go much bigger.

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