Yes, You Can Remodel Your Only Bathroom—5 Valuable Tips

Are you hesitant to start a much-needed remodel of your main—or only—bathroom? Along with kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations are among the most disruptive for most homeowners. But you can improve or update your bath while still living in your home. Here are a few tips for success.

Talk to the Contractor.

An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor has done this all before. Talk to them about your concerns. Ask for advice. Find out the specific stages in which different fixtures may not be available, for how long, and how they will communicate with you about these particular instances. Stay in regular contact throughout the project. 

Ask for Help.

At some point during a bathroom remodel, you'll be without a shower and/or toilet for at least a little while. Don't be too proud to ask for help from your friends, family, and neighbors. Most of them will be happy to share their facilities with you every so often. Prepare a few small hostess gifts to take when your family does use borrowed facilities. 

Create Grooming Stations.

Of course, showers and toilets aren't the only features of a bathroom. Set up alternative stations for other activities you or your family normally do in the bathroom. The most common are grooming stations. You may only need a countertop and a mirror, which can be set up in many other rooms. Add some portable organizers, a container for water, and extra lighting for comfort. 

Use Facilities When Available.

Once you reach any stage where water must be turned off or fixtures removed, take advantage of each opportunity to take care of business when it arises. If the water will be on while the crew goes to lunch, for example, be prepared to do as much as is feasible during this reprieve. 

Budget for Mini Vacations.

Some homeowners find that a long or complex remodel is both physically and emotionally challenging. So include some room in your budget to take a break by spending a night in a hotel, visiting family for the weekend, or sending your kids on a sleepover. These breaks allow you to refresh yourself and get some healthy emotional distance from your project. 

Where to Start

While a big bathroom renovation will take some effort and planning, you can do it. Start by meeting with an experienced remodeling service in your area. They can offer recommendations and tips like these to help you be ready for the best success possible during what will ultimately be an exciting home project. 

Contact a local bathroom remodeling service to learn more.