Why The Kitchen Is Central To Many Remodels

In the remodeling world, many people elect to focus much of their efforts on renovating their kitchens. You might wonder why this investment is so popular. Take a look at five major reasons.

Resale Value

For many people, a home is a store of value. However, there's no reason to stop at holding onto the value of a house when you can increase it. Kitchen remodeling is a common way to raise the resale value of a house. By one estimate, a kitchen renovation project can return between 54 and 72 percent of the remodeling money spent.

If you want to quickly add thousands of dollars to a house, remodeling the cooking area is likely to be a winner. Renovating is especially a good choice if you anticipate selling the house in the next few years because the remodel will still be fresh, modern-looking, and shiny.


Folks who plan to live in their homes for decades to come needn't despair. They can benefit from upgrading a kitchen's functionality even if they never intend to sell. If you never liked the cooking station in a kitchen when you bought the house you're in, for example, remodeling is a wonderful way to get the cooking area you've always wanted. You might want to add storage, increase the size of the sink basins, and provide more seating, too.


Kitchens are often at or close to one of the secondary entryways to a home. For example, many houses' kitchens are located near a back or side door. While this isn't as important as the front door, it's still a part of your home that ought to make an impression on visitors. Kitchen remodeling allows you to rethink the way your kitchen strikes people when they come by.


The kitchen is one of the better places in a house to claim some floor space. Modern styles have shifted toward open floor plans, and there are often opportunities to add space by joining the kitchen to the dining room. Some folks knock out the wall between the two completely, and others might turn it into an island or counter to maintain the boundary.

You also may be able to reclaim some space in the kitchen. Tightening up the counters, for example, can often make a kitchen more walkable.


Finally, the kitchen is one of the easier places to make more efficient. Low-flow faucets, convection cooktops, LED lights, and highly-insulated windows can all yield significant savings.

For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local contractor.