What Makes A Room Addition A Success?

Folks doing room additions will want to know that their projects are going to be successful. What does success mean in this context, though? A room addition contractor will encourage you to look at these four benchmarks.

Expanded Interior Square Footage

One of the most common reasons people want to build room additions is to boost the available square footage in their homes. Especially if you're trying to provide more space in a high-demand area, such as the living room, bathroom, or kitchen, simply having an easier time walking around can be a big win. Similarly, expanding a master bedroom can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. Success is sometimes best measured in square feet.

Improved Functionality

Expanding the available living space is one thing, but upgrading a room's functionality is often better. Suppose you want to expand the storage in your kitchen. Even if you don't add a single foot of walkable space, there's a good chance that putting in more counters and shelves can be a big deal. Likewise, you might use the added space to install something desirable, such as an island or pantry. The additional square footage is also a great place to install a bigger and better oven or sink.

Adding Value to a Home

Money is often a good measure of project success. Broadly speaking, houses with extra square footage tend to sell for higher values. If the assessed value of a home increases due to room additions, there's a strong argument that the family's efforts were worthwhile. Unsurprisingly, there's also an argument for targeting room additions for the most desirable sections of a house, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, or master bedroom.

Right-Sizing the House

When you buy a house, usually it's about the right size for your needs. However, things can change over the years. A family may have a child, and that can create demand for more living space in the form of a bedroom and playroom for the kid. Right-sizing the house is especially a success if it keeps the family in the home and provides stability at a key time in a child's life.

Someone who has switched to a work-from-home environment might find that they don't have any rooms sufficient to use as an office. Consequently, they may need to right-size their house by expanding a room to serve the office role. Knowing that your house will work well for your current and future needs is always a good benchmark.

Reach out to a local room addition contractor to learn more.