3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Usable for People with Physical Disabilities

While you may not suffer from any physical disabilities, you might live with someone who does. Accommodating their needs is something you may always strive to accomplish. So, you may know your home does not have the right features or qualities, and you want to change them.

Remodeling your bathroom to make it more usable for people with physical disabilities will help accommodate your family and guests.


A typical bathtub might be difficult for some people to use because they cannot step into the tub safely or easily. While you can help with getting in and out, you may want to give family or friends using the bathroom the freedom to do things entirely on their own.

Prioritizing a walk-in tub is ideal because it will allow family members to get into the tub without stepping over anything. This way, you can use a walker, wheelchair, or crutches to get inside without worrying about your balance or stability. An excellent tip is to prioritize railing around the bathtub area to allow for holding on in case anyone needs extra support.


While baths are excellent for relaxation and muscle relief, you may find that they are not ideal for washing up thoroughly. A shower is a perfect place to use shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. An existing walk-in shower is easily upgraded with a frameless design. This design change eliminates the track on the bottom that people showering must step over beforehand.

Another design choice is to add a built-in seat to the back area of the shower. This feature will allow anyone to sit down while showering, which is necessary for some physical disabilities.

You can also add built-in storage close to the built-in seat you add. This way, anyone with a physical disability sitting down can easily reach all the shower products they need to use.


A smart move is to make the bathroom as easy as possible to use. So, a smart toilet is a worthwhile upgrade since it can benefit physically disabled people in multiple ways. The bidet function can reduce or eliminate the need to use toilet paper, which can be tough to do.

Another benefit is getting other features such as automatic flushing and self-cleaning. These features will save time and prevent physical complications.

Make your bathroom more usable for people with physical disabilities by making these changes to the most accessible bathroom in your house.  Reach out to a company like Incredible Kitchen and Bath to learn more.