Selling Your Home? 5 Reasons To Consider A New Front Door

Do you want a way to boost the value of your home before putting it up for sale? Many homeowners can't afford — or don't have the time — to do a lot of renovations and upgrades in order to lure buyers. But one update that can get a lot of bang for your buck is replacing the front door. Why? Here are five of the best reasons.

1. Make a Better First Impression. Your front door is the gateway to the home, and it's the first impression buyers will get. An old, chipped, or worn door gives the impression that your home is dated or not well-maintained. On the other hand, a solid, modern, and attractive door lets people know from the beginning that you care about your property. 

2. Create a Focal Point. The front door serves as more than just a way to keep the flies out. It's a vital part of curb appeal. A bold and beautiful door anchors the porch zone and draws the viewer's eye to this area. It can also help make up for what the exterior of the house lacks in its landscaping, front porch, or architectural interest. 

3. Make the Entry Comfortable. Energy efficiency is important to most buyers today. Consider if your front door is as energy efficient as it could be. Does it allow drafts? Is it cold during the winter and hot during the summer? Do extra windows allow the entryway to heat up? Just replacing the door with a modern version and ensuring a tight seal could make the entry noticeably more comfortable as buyers walk in. 

4. Boost Indoor Lighting. For some homeowners, too much light and heat in the entry isn't the problem. Perhaps your foyer or entry corridor is dark and unwelcoming. Rather than make structural changes, try swapping out a solid door for one with more decorative glass elements. The natural lighting will make everything look nicer. 

5. Match the Home Better. Examine your current front door with a view to how it blends with the house's architecture and style. Does it fit the era, the geometry, and the personality of the home? An off-putting style — such as a modern door on a vintage home, or vice versa — can draw unwanted attention and confuse buyers. 

Want more help determining if a front door upgrade would help sell your house faster and for a better price? Start by meeting with a remodeling contractor in your area today. 

For more information on a door replacement, contact a company near you.