Contemporary Trends To Contemplate For Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design

While you may think that kitchen cabinetry is solely beneficial for ensuring that there is minimal clutter on the countertops and the kitchen at large, the truth is well-designed cabinetry is not only highly functional but can easily become a statement piece in this space that ties all other elements in the kitchen. However, when embarking on a kitchen remodel, it is easy to overlook making any updates to these structures, as kitchen cabinet design has not experienced a design evolution over the decades.

Rather, when you consider mass-produced cabinets, they not only look the same but many of them feel the same, too. But this does not have to be the case as long as you invest in custom cabinets. The leading advantage of custom cabinetry is that you have complete creative authority, which opens up a world of options when designing your cabinets. To simplify the process of working with a cabinet designer, check out a few contemporary trends to contemplate for custom kitchen cabinet design.

Color blocking

For years on end, homeowners across the country would automatically match the color of their kitchen cabinets to their walls and countertops under the guise that this is the best way to create harmony in the kitchen. And while this may work for numerous households, it is not the approach to take if you are looking to remodel your kitchen with a contemporary touch in mind. A better option that you can consider is color-blocking your custom kitchen cabinets.

With this approach, you get to choose a completely different color for your custom cabinets so that they stand out from the predominant color scheme in your kitchen. When selecting colors for custom kitchen cabinet painting, be cognizant of the fact that there are three main tones that you should draw inspiration from – light tones, medium tones, and dark tones. For example, if you want a powder soft hue to color block your custom kitchen cabinets, you can consider light tones in greys, pastels, and so on, whereas for moody kitchen design, dark colors such as royal blue, emerald green, and so on.

Refined lines

Kitchen cabinets are almost always assisted with ornate designs since this has been a popular aesthetic for decades past. From intricately designed metalwork for the knobs to complex wood design, many homeowners assumed that this would make their cabinetry stand out. Nonetheless, in recent years, there has been a steady shift towards clean aesthetics, which can be attributed to the increasing popularity of the minimalist design.

And if you have adopted a clean aesthetic into your home, you could be wondering how best to do so with the custom cabinet design. The answer is to utilize refined lines in the design of these structures. From smooth edges to recessed panels and handleless operation, the less busy the design of the cabinets, the more visually striking they will be.