Tips To Help You Prepare To Have Hardwood Flooring Installed In Your Home

If you have old, damaged, or stained flooring in your home, upgrading your flooring is a very wise investment. New flooring can enhance the look of a room and also add value to a home. When making upgrades to flooring, many people opt for hardwood flooring due to the fact that it is timeless, classic, and beautiful. If you're having hardwood flooring installed in your home, there are several things that you should do to help ensure that the process goes smoothly. Use the following tips to help you prepare to have hardwood flooring installed in your home:

Move Furniture and Valuables

When you make arrangements to have hardwood flooring professionally installed in your home, you need to know who is responsible for moving the furniture. In some cases, the flooring installer may be able to move it for you, usually for an extra fee. However, most homeowners opt to move their furniture and valuables themselves before the flooring installers arrive to save some money and time. Make sure that you move your furniture well in advance of the arrival of the flooring installers, and place your valuables somewhere else in the home where they will not be at risk of damage during the flooring installation process.

Set Up an Outdoor Cutting Area 

It can be very helpful to set up an outdoor cutting area for your flooring installers to use to prepare the hardwood flooring before installation. Make sure that the outdoor cutting area is in a covered location with easy access to an outlet. Make sure that there is a large, level work surface; a garage or a covered patio is a good spot for a cutting area. Just ensure that the cutting area is well lit, with either ample natural light or bright lighting fixtures so your hardwood flooring can be cut accurately.

Protect Your Home From Dust

Having an outdoor cutting area can help reduce dust, but the process of having hardwood flooring installed can be messy. Thus, it is in your best interest to be proactive and take measures to help keep dust from spreading throughout your home. Use thick, plastic sheets to seal off rooms that are not having new flooring installed, and also cover any HVAC vents in the room. In addition, make sure that your HVAC system is turned off on the day of installation. These simple steps will contain dust to the room where the flooring is being installed, which will be cleaned up when the job is completed. 

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