3 Tips for a Smooth Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom can be life-changing. It's so nice to get up in the morning and prepare for the day in a space designed to meet your unique needs and style preferences. Sometimes, though, the process of having a bathroom remodeled does not go as smoothly as the homeowner would hope. Here are some tips to help ensure your own bathroom remodel goes smoothly.

Keep plumbing location in mind when designing your layout

You probably have an idea of the bathroom layout you would prefer. Maybe you've always envisioned the toilet on one wall and the sink on another wall. Working with your remodeling team to create a layout is one of the first steps in the remodeling process. But there is one key thing to make sure you consider as you do this: the plumbing location. Pay attention to where the plumbing currently comes in through the wall or floor. If you can design a feasible layout without having to move this plumbing connection, you'll save tons of time and money. 

Set extra money aside for mishaps

Bathroom remodeling projects can be difficult to complete without going over your initial budget. It's common for issues to come up along the way, which can increase the cost. Maybe the price of tile goes up before you get a chance to buy it, or perhaps your remodeler finds mold and has to replace a wall they expected to keep. If you set aside an extra 20% of your budget on day one, you won't be held up by these surprise extra costs.

Order all of the materials early on

If your bathroom remodeler wants you to order the materials for your own project, then make sure you do so early on. Don't wait and see if the price for something gets lower, or wait an extra week to see if you change your mind. The materials may go out of stock, and then you'll be left looking for replacements or waiting for a back-ordered item. This is how bathroom remodeling projects get held up. If you order everything up front, then the remodeling team can move seamlessly from task to task without having to wait for new materials to show up. And if something is back-ordered, there's a better chance it will arrive by the time you need it.

Remodeling a bathroom is a pretty big endeavor, and you may still have some hiccups along the way. But at least with these tips, you can minimize those hiccups. You can also look for a reliable bathroom remodeling service in your area such as Midwest Bath Company to help your project go smoothly.