Remodeling Your Bathroom? 5 Ideas To Improve Your Shower

Are you looking to give your bathroom a major remodeling? If so, you need to focus on how you can improve your shower. It's something that you use every day, which is why you want to make it an enjoyable experience. Here are some ideas for how you can make your shower special.

Curbless Shower Door

Do you currently step over a lip to get in and out of your shower? It doesn't have to be this way, since the trend these days is to use a curbless shower door. The door sits flush with the floor, and a drain is placed right underneath where the door settles when it closes. It not only provides a modern look, but it can be very practical as well. Many people install a curbless shower door so that the shower is more handicap accessible. In addition, you're not going to stub your toe by accident while getting out of the shower. 

Multiple Shower Heads

Know that you are not limited to having a single shower head when you remodel a shower. Many people use this as an opportunity to add multiple shower heads in the space. You can have water coming at you from multiple directions, sprayers that come out the side of the shower, or even a rainfall showerhead that is located directly above you. 

Steam Options

If you design the shower so that it seals along the top and bottom, you can turn your shower into a steam shower. This can make showering a relaxing experience like you are going to a sauna. In addition, the steam can be a nice way to heal yourself when you are feeling ill since the steam can provide many health benefits for your lungs and cardiovascular system.


Another thing you can do is add seating to your shower so that it is not all an open space. You may find that it is easier to bathe and shave when you have a place to sit or prop your leg up to get yourself clean. 

Built-In Shelving

There should be no need to put a junky looking shower shelf in your remodeled shower. Consider building shelves right into the side of the shower that blend in naturally with the surrounding tiles. It not only looks elegant but is much more practical due to taking up less space.

Reach out to a shower remodeling contractor for more ideas of what you can do.