4 Tricks For Transforming Your Bathroom On A Budget

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home where you spend a lot of time, which is why you want to make sure your bathroom has a functional and comfortable feeling to it.

#1 Work With the Existing Plumbing Structure

Redoing the plumbing in your bathroom can really increase the cost of fixing up your bathroom. If you are working with a budget, keep the plumbing in place. That doesn't mean that you have to keep the same sink or shower or toilet; you can change out all of those features. However, it will be much easier to install a new shower or sink or toilet when you keep them in the same location. Keeping the plumbing in the same location isn't always possible, but the more plumbing you can keep in the same place, the better.

#2 Keep Your Mirror

Next, you don't have to get rid of your mirror if it is the right size. Change the appearance of a mirror that is the right size is by simply putting a frame around the mirror. Framing your mirror can really change the look of your mirror without you having to replace something that is not broken. With frames, you can choose the exact color and style that you want, which can help define your space. For example, you could go for a sleek modern frame, or you could go for a carved wooden frame painted in bright colors for a touch of elegance and funk all at once.  

#3 Go for a New Toilet Seat and Lid

If your toilet still works just fine, but you don't like its appearance, change things up the simple way with a new toilet seat and lid. A new seat and lid can change the appearance of your toilet without adding the cost of a new toilet to your bathroom remodel.

If you don't have a water-efficient toilet, it may be worth it to switch to a toilet that uses less water. An energy-saving toilet will help reduce your water usage over time, which will save you money in a different way.

#4 Go Unique With Your Counter

If you need to install a new counter, consider going unique. Go shopping for used and vintage furniture and look for a cool dresser. You can repaint or stain a dresser, add a sink to the top, and turn it into a really unique counter and vanity for your bathroom. An old dresser is often more affordable than new cabinets and can give your bathroom more character.

When it comes to transforming your bathroom on a budget, try to work with the plumbing structure that you have in place. Change the appearance of items you already have, like your mirror with a new frame and your toilet with a new seat and lid. Use antique or vintage dressers for your countertop to get a unique look. For more tips on bathroom remodeling, contact your local contractors.