Six Different Wood Cabinet Choices

Kitchen remodels are one of the best home investments homeowners can make. According to Remodeling, a major kitchen remodel can reap anywhere from about a 62 to 65 percent return depending on if it is a modest or upscale remodel. Custom cabinetry, which will last much longer and be of a higher quality than stock cabinets, can help ensure a good return. Here is a look at different woods to consider having your cabinets built from.

Oak Wooden Cabinets

Oak has long been popular in custom cabinetry and furniture making. It has a beautiful grain, and it looks lovely once stained and sealed. Oak cabinets usually have a dark honey color. They are good for country homes, such as a farmhouse.

Cherry Wooden Cabinets

Cherry has a natural red undertone to the wood. This wood is ideal in traditional, formal homes. They have a smooth grain and provide a rich, warm feel to a room. As they age, they become darker, developing a much-desired patina.

Hickory Wooden Cabinets

Hickory has an interesting grain. There is a large contrast between the heartwood and the sapwood. Worm holes, burls, and knots add a distressed look to the finished product. They can look quite masculine and fit well in a rustic environment, such as a log home.

Birch Wooden Cabinets

Birch wood has a lighter color naturally, making it a great choice if you want a bright and airy feel to your kitchen. Like hickory, they can also have a distressed look, with added character from bird pecking. Their grain tends to be wavy, which adds architectural interest. Birch cabinetry is also ideal for a pickling finish.

Walnut Wooden Cabinets

The wood from a walnut tree usually starts out fairly dark, almost a golden chocolate brown color. As the cabinets age, however, they tend to become lighter, developing a patina that mellows overtime. They are ideal for high-end kitchens with other upscale fixtures. Because of a naturally occurring chemical in the wood, they are also naturally resistant to insects, making them ideal in areas where carpenter ants and termites are a problem.

Maple Wooden Cabinets

Maple wood is light in color. It's a great choice for a kitchen as it is hard and resilient. The light color makes it a good choice if you want a light kitchen but don't want to have pained white cabinetry. They are often left unstained and just varnished instead.

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