Reasons To Use Cabinet Doors Instead Of An Open-Concept Kitchen Style

An open-concept kitchen has a long list of advantages. If you have this type of kitchen but are thinking about making a change, one way that you can dramatically transform the look and feel of the space is to add doors to your kitchen cabinets. You'll want to hire a remodeling contractor who can visit your home to measure your current cabinets; in many cases, custom doors will need to be ordered to ensure an exact fit. The contractor can not only order the right cabinet doors but can also install them for you. Here are some reasons to make this change to your kitchen:

Less Cabinet Cleaning

One of the challenges that you'll face with an open-concept kitchen design is that dust and grease can gather on your shelves because they're open. If you're meticulous about cleaning, you likely already know the amount of time that it can take to clean the cabinets, as well as clean any dishes or other kitchen items that are coated in dust and grease. When you put cabinet doors in place, the cleaning instantly becomes easier. While the doors will need an occasional wiping down, they'll keep the dust and grease out of the interior of the cabinets.

A Tidier Look

An open-concept kitchen is highly efficient in some regards. For example, when you need to grab a serving dish or other items, you simply reach up to take it out of the cabinet or off the shelf. The downfall to this setup, however, is that it can look a little messy. This can especially be the case if the cabinets are cluttered or contain items of various colors. When your remodeling contractor installs cabinet doors for you, your kitchen instantly takes on a tidier look, as any clutter on the cabinet shelves is hidden by the cabinet doors.

Potentially Better For Resale

Although you might like the look of an open-concept kitchen with open cabinets, not everyone favors this design. If you're thinking about listing your home for sale, it's possible that some prospective buyers will be turned off by the idea of open cabinets. Some people may outright decide not to make an offer on your house, while others will offer significantly less than your listing price because they expect to redo the kitchen upon moving in. Given that kitchen cabinets with doors are a common look, having doors installed before selling the house can be a smart idea.

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