Need New Windows? 4 Things That Should Be Done During The Installation Process

Are you in the middle of a remodeling project that requires new windows in your home? You may think you can tackle this job on your own.  However, a successful window installation requires that you do these 4 things to ensure it is done correctly.

Take Correct Measurements Prior To Ordering

You may have heard of the saying "measure twice, cut once" used in wood work. The same rule applies to measuring your windows since you only have one shot at getting the measurement correct.  You should take some time to verify that you have the right measurements so that the window you order is the exact size you need.

Remove Hardware and Sashes

It is always best to work with just the window frame when installing the window in your home. There will be parts of the window that are removable, which can potentially break during the installation.

Start by removing the window sash, which is the section of your new window that has the glass inside it.  You'll also find hardware, such as tracks and springs, that could be removed as well.  It may take some extra time to remove these things, but you'll regret not doing so if you damage the window during the installation.

Install the Moisture Barrier Around The Casing

You need to install some sort of moisture barrier around your new windows. This is done with special tape that can be applied directly to the exterior of the casing. 

If the window didn't come with a moisture barrier, you should open up the casing so that you can place the moisture barrier between the wood framing and the window casing. It can also be done by taking off the window's interior trim to gain access to the same part of the window.

Add Insulation Where Necessary

Having the old window removed gives you the chance to add more insulation in places where there was not any.  For instance, if you had older windows that operated with a weight hidden in the wall, that area where the weight was located should be filled with insulation. You can also place more insulation between the wood framing and casing is it is lacking.

Insulation will improve your window's energy efficiency, and the small up front cost of adding insulation can pay for itself during the window's lifetime.

Seem too complicated to install the windows on your own? Contact a local contractor at companies like Affordable Home Remodeling for assistance.