Stone Bathtubs Are A Unique Bathroom Upgrade

Upgrading your bathroom is a wise remodel if you want to add style and value to your home. Installing a storm bathtub in place of a precast fiberglass tub is a great way to upgrade the room and give it a distinct style. There are many different types of stone so you can design your tub however you want. This article explains why a stone bathtub is a great investment.

Customize Your Tub

The fun thing about investing in a stone bathtub is that there are no rules. That is, you can choose stone tiles or slabs of any size or finish course, so I'm stone types are more water resistant and require less maintenance than others, so you want to choose a practical product. I otherwise, he will have to constantly reseal your stone to protect it from moisture. You can also do custom tile layouts, mixing and matching tiles of different sizes. Creating geometric designs is any and easy way to make your stone bathtub look more unique. It is a great chance to add a splash of color to your tub.

Let Professionals Do the Work

Even though you can customize your bathtub design, you still need to have it professionally installed. The actual basin will need to be reinforced and built up to hold the extra weight of heavier stone tile. Even if you have experience with laying tile, working on a custom bathtub is technical work when you add in the structural issues and the plumbing. You should work with a contractor that will help you find the best products for your project.

Seamless Threshold with the Tile Floor

A custom stone bad especially Smart if you coordinate it with the stone flooring. You can use the same stone tiles on your floor and lower walls that you use for your bathtub. Obviously, vesting in new floors and new bathtub tile at the same time is going to be much more sizable monetary investment. However, he can really make your bathroom look more cohesive. This also enables you to easily build handicap access to the tub.

A stone bathtub is a worthwhile custom bathroom remodel. If you want a fun and effective remodel, you will appreciate all of the stone options to choose from. It might cost mor ethan most bathroom remodels, but it will have a greater effect on the value of your property.