Want Better Lighting In Your Master Bath? Hire A Remodeling Company To Make Improvements

Enjoying your master bathroom may be easy with a high-end shower and bath. A smart toilet is one method to further improve this space, but you may want to accomplish something much simpler. It is possible that the lighting has always been an issue, but it was not an issue that needed fixing right away. When you have money saved up and the willingness to remodel through a company like JC James Remodeling, you should make improvements to the lighting situation in the master bath to make it an even easier place to enjoy spending time.

Frosted Window

If there is not a window in the bathroom, you must rely on artificial lighting. This may prove to be effective, but you will also miss out on the natural light that the rest of your home is able to receive. It is an option to eliminate this problem by investing in a new window and then making sure it is frosted. This will prevent you from having to get window treatments for the bathroom and it will still bring in lots of light. Also, frosted glass is safer than curtains or blinds that could be accidentally opened at any given time.


Another addition that you can make to the bathroom is a skylight. Even if your property has a second floor, you should be able to get this addition because most master bedrooms are on the upper floor.  A skylight brings a unique type of lighting to the room that you may love the look of in pictures. It is best to do this in a master bathroom because they are usually large enough to benefit from this addition. Some homeowners install a basic skylight and accept that light will always come through in the daytime, but you can pay a little more to get a setup that allows you to keep out the natural light when desired.


The lighting in the bathroom could be as basic as overhead lighting above the main mirror. It is crucial to give yourself multiple lighting types to use in the bathroom so that you can always make the best choice. Overhead lighting is perfect for general purpose tasks, but you may love the ambiance that you can get from adding sconce lights to the bathroom, especially when they are installed by the bathtub.

With some or all these tips implemented, you will have a better lit master bath in no time at all.