Remodeling Your Home's Kitchen? 3 Unique Countertop Ideas You Should Consider

Are you planning on remodeling your home's kitchen but feel a bit overwhelmed due to the unlimited possibilities you have for decisions that must be made? You need to micromanage everything you do from the flooring to the countertops. Here are three unique ideas for countertops that you could use for your new kitchen.


One option that may not have crossed your mind when it comes to countertops is glass. The material feels unique and modern, which is quite different from anything else out there. Textured glass adds a bit of sophistication while also making the kitchen stand out among other homes in the area.

The reason that glass can work as a countertop surface is because it's not porous. There won't be issues with moisture and food residue soaking into the glass. It reduces the likely good that there will be mold growth on the countertop surface, making it much easier for cleaning and preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses.

The one drawback of glass is that fingerprints and smudges tend to easily show up on the surface, which may be a problem if you prefer the countertops to look spotless at all times that they are not in use.

Reclaimed Wood

A different spin on wood countertops is to use reclaimed wood. This material is recycled from building construction, furniture, or anything that was once made out of wood. The cost of the material is often more affordable than what new wood would cost, and gives a kitchen character. Mix different types of wood to create a feeling that is eclectic or vintage when you step into your kitchen.

Reclaimed wood will be more durable than using new lumber. This makes reclaimed wood a great choice for your kitchen countertops since they see a ton of wear over the years. If you want reclaimed wood for environmental reasons, many love it because the wood doesn't waste new resources in order to make the material.


Want a look that is classy and similar to using granite countertops? Quartz can be the material you need to bump up your kitchen to that level of sophistication. Quartz is found in many different colors because quartz is actually manufactured. There are small pieces of metal and glassed put into the quartz slab to help the material look unique for use as kitchen countertops. Resin is also added during manufacturing that will make quartz scratch resistant, which is perfect for a kitchen.