Use A Drum Sander To Speed Up Your Kitchen Remodel

If you're undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, keep in mind that if the hardwood flooring in your kitchen is not resealed on a regular basis, it could end up being vulnerable to water damage and the wood can start to rub away. The top layer needs to be sealed to preserve the texture, colors and grain design.

Resealing hardwood is a multi-step process. One of the most important steps is sanding off the old finish before applying new stain. If you just apply a new coat of stain directly on top of your existing stain, the new finish will not be consistent or strong. You want to create a surface that is uniform and equally smooth so that the stain will absorb evenly. Sanding is the first, and often hardest portion of the entire project. This article explains why you should consider renting a drum sander to help refinish your kitchen floor.

Using the Right Sanders

Refinishing hardwood requires that you do a lot of bending over, particularly when it comes to sanding and staining near the edges of your wall.  In order to remove your stain in a practical amount of time, you should strongly consider renting a drum sander. A stand up drum sander is going to make the job much easier and reduce the stress on your body. You will also need handheld power sanders to sand portions of your floor that are in tight corners or close to the wall. However, if you have a drum sander, you can do the majority of the floor without while standing up. This makes the job so much easier and less tiring.

How to Use a Drum Sander

The drum sander is kind of like a floor buffer, except it is even more powerful so you need to be careful. You want to avoid hitting your walls or baseboards with the edge of the sander because it can destroy them. The machine is quite heavy, so take this into consideration if you have a multiple story home. Also, when you power on a drum sander, it requires a little bit of strength to securely hold it and prevent it from gouging the wood. Even though you need to be physically fit to safely operate a drum sander, it is still much easier than trying to do all the sanding with handheld sanders.

You can affordably rent drum sanders from home improvement and construction equipment stores. It is well worth the small investment because it will likely take many hours, and possibly days, off of your sanding project. Remember, you will still need handheld sanders to do the small areas near the walls.